Fjord Fun

It took ten months to bust out of Oslo and see what Norway is really made of.   What is it made of?  This: And this: And this (classic norway, middle of nowhere, man skiing,… Continue reading

We’re Basically Norwegian Now

My plans to move our family in a more minimalistic direction have been hijacked by Norway.  No doubt about it, we are under seige.  Enemy forces from the north have surrounded us and cut off all… Continue reading

Norwegian Lesson

Jule = Christmas God Jule = Merry Christmas Juleverket = Christmas Market Julebord = Christmas table (feast) Julebandy = Christmas Bandy Juleshoot, Julescore! JuleIceLicking =  Julexercise =  JuleNeedaDbattery or JuleIsRuined = Juleselfie = … Continue reading

You Had Me at Double-Wide Stroller

You never really know about a place until you get there and experience the ins and outs of daily life.  For example, the winter wonderland photos of Noway, when viewed in the sticky-hot summer… Continue reading

In Defense of No Furniture

It’s that season of transition when there is literally almost nothing to do in the house except make things out of cardboard.  There’s nothing to do because there is not a whole lot in the house:… Continue reading

Oops, I Forgot to Learn Norwegian

It wasn’t until we were wheels down in Oslo that I realized–oops, I forgot to learn Norwegian.  It just didn’t make the pre-move cut.  I hate to be the jerk who never bothers to… Continue reading

We Lied To You

If anyone ever heard us say we were permanently settling stateside, oops, sorry, we lied to you. In roughly 1 week, we are moving to (drumroll)…….

News Flash: Butter

I bargained with myself that I wouldn’t blog unless I had something really important to say.  Thus far, I’ve been silent.  Until now, that is. Did you know that some people keep butter… Continue reading

This is Me, Convincing You to Make a Capsule Wardrobe

A number of months ago, a friend shared on social media about her recently completed “capsule wardrobe.” What got my attention was the picture of her closet.  There was basically nothing in it.  And… Continue reading

A New Way to be Family

Click here for a “How To” on this same subject. Upon relocating back to the United States, Matt and I made the very easy decision to move a few townhouses down from our… Continue reading