Hotel Monaco

Since we’re staying at the hotel for a while, I thought I’d share a couple of fun things about this place.  First, and most importantly is the toilet (Uncle Dolph, this one’s for you). I love this toilet!  For one, it has a phone.  I can think of all kinds of reasons why you might want to call guest services at a time like that.  Also, family members, friends, pizza delivery guy…the possibilities are endless.

With the advent of the cell phone, you might think this feature would be outdated, but at Hotel Monaco, not so.  It also comes equipped with its own individual spotlight. Why not highlight something as beautiful as this?

Another fun thing is doggie happy hour (Betty Mo, this one’s for you).  We thought this was going to be more about the dogs, but turns out, it’s more about the happy hour. Rutledge had a good time though and met three golden retrievers.  I’ll have to say that the percentage of people who yell “corgi!” when they see Rutledge has shot way up since staying at this hotel.  Back in our neighborhood, it was “puppy!” or “what kind of dog is he?” or “what happened to his legs?

I told a Maryland friend about doggie happy hour.  Her response?  “Only in Northern Virginia…”