We Made It!

We arrived safely in Dar yesterday at 8pm.  Our embassy friends were at the airport to meet us as planned.  I can’t say it wasn’t awesome when the “expediter” who accompanied us flashed our passports at customs, thereby allowing us to skip the entire line and pass through to baggage, no questions asked.  Rutledge was a little disheveled when he surfaced at the baggage claim, but he seemed to do well, all things considered.  We were thankful to be ushered directly to our new home which was stocked with food, toilet paper, and Girl Scout Cookies (yippee!! thin mints and trefoils).

With just barely 24 hours under our belt, there is a lot for us to comprehend about our new life here.  In other words, there is a lot to write about.  Stay tuned this week for more on how we’re adjusting to life in Africa.  In the mean time, we’ll be adjusting to a new time zone.