Christmas in July

It’s “winter” in Tanzania, so 30° Celsius is about as close to Christmas as we’re going to get (that’s 85° F for all the Americans out there).  The real reason for an early Christmas is that our household effects have arrived!  Having packed them up in mid-April, they seem like a distant memory and I’m pretty sure at this point, we could live without them (although, I really did need those ponytail holders…and that electric stand mixer….).

Since we could not really remember what we packed, it was fun to see what we thought was important back in April.  For example, we brought 312 Lipton tea bags to a country that does tea very well on its own.  We packed a mop and broom, but since we could not wait three months to use them, we bought them here and now have two.  Ashamedly, we also have two vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters and coffee makers.  One of each was provided in our welcome kit upon our arrival.  Issa, our gardener is the beneficiary of many of these duplicates, although he did admit before he took the toaster that he did not know what it was.

...and I even made dinner.

Among the things we are most excited to have are:

  • the ipod speaker dock (amplified music!)
  • the cheese grater (who knew they would not have pre-grated cheese here?)
  • Matt’s guitar
  • anything that hangs on the wall or that can be used to decorate
  • trash cans!
  • cleaning supplies (windex, 409, etc…)

With all the chaos on moving day, only two apparent mistakes were made.  First, the books we carefully selected to bring with us were accidentally placed in storage.  It’s unfortunate, but nothing we can’t live without.  And secondly, all of our nice china and glassware that we intended to stay in storage made it into our shipment.  Our lucky china cabinet is the better for it.

Overall, we guessed pretty well on what to bring.  And because this is the only time our pantry will be this organized, here are our consumables:

Find these 10 items: Scott toilet paper, Eukanuba dog food, Lipton tea bags, marshmallow fluff, Nestle chocolate chips, Reynolds wrap, Country Time lemonade mix, fruit snacks, Frontline flea and tick dog treatment, Ziploc bags