Safety First, Part II

We finally made the trip to Coco Beach, yet not without some resistance from the male contingent in the family.  Our profile reads that Matt is adventurous and that Mary is adventurous enough.  After the Coco Beach visit, I am considering switching my name with his.  That aside, we did it and survived to write about it.

Leading up to our visit, there was a lot of discussion about how it would take place:  no jewelry, no watches, no money…no camera.  The lack of a camera (and pictures to show you) is disappointing.  Photographic opportunities abounded.  Without it though, we felt less vulnerable and were able to enjoy the atmosphere.  We dressed in difficult-to-remove clothing (kidding) and were escorted by our gardener, friend and now neighbor, Issa.  Upon reaching the shore by foot, our eyes confirmed what our ears had heard all day:

This could have been my photo.

It was Issa’s suggestion that we visit after the month of Ramadan.  This turned out to be a decent idea because the crowds were in full force.  It’s hard to imagine being mugged with that many folks around.  At the same time, the crowds themselves were daunting.  As the only foreigners present, we could not escape the seemingly hungry stares.  Imagine walking down Franklin Street in Chapel Hill on Halloween night, dressed as a blue devil.

Issa’s nephew took a swim and I walked down close enough to get my feet wet.  We might have been there 10 minutes when Matt announced that he was ready to return home.  Thrilled that he even agreed to go in the first place, I willingly followed. It was a short visit, but I had a blast.

I am not sure if we will return to Coco Beach.  It was a good experience, but a bit too crowded for relaxation.  Rutledge has yet to experience the oceanfront, so if we return, we will probably bring him.