Merry Christmas

We didn’t do Christmas cards this year.  We would have had to order them well before Thanksgiving and the logistics were just too complicated.  So Merry Electronic Christmas from the Stephensons!

This is the only way Rutledge would stay still.

In Dar news, fully decorated Christmas trees are hot items on the street right now (species Charlieus brownicus).  I debated whether or not to try and get a snapshot of this scene after a scare on Wednesday.  We were giving a friend a ride and she tried to photograph this same scene from the back seat.  The subject of her photograph was angry and tried to get into our car, presumably to snatch the camera.  Our doors were locked, but I was a little shaken [clarification – not shaken enough to stop taking photographs].

This one's got a lot of branches but most are a bit sparse...

...such as these.

In household news, Rutledge ate a 1 pound bag of skittles while we were out to dinner.  We won’t forget it either because our carpet is now festively decorated with red-colored puke stains [photograph omitted].  I could “taste the rainbow” through my nostrils for at least week.  He was one sick puppy.

On a happier note, I continued the Taylor family tradition of making chocolate eclairs.  Of course, there weren’t 30 Taylors to gobble them up, but our friends enjoyed them.  The best part about making eclairs was that Mema, Mom, Andy and Jack were making eclairs at the same time that I was, so we set our computers up in the kitchen and cooked together over skype.  It was almost like we were there together.

The eclairs would have been perfect, but for the African chocolate which is just not quite right.

The only other holiday cheer that I should share is a fun scene captured by a friend near our house (same nearly-accosted friend as above).  Go to this page and scroll half way down to the army of women standing in the street.  In all honesty, this is not something that shocked us, but we laughed ourselves to sleep one night over this 4-second clip.

Our next adventure is a safari to Mikumi National Park so stay tuned for some wildlife photos.

Merry Christmas from Dar!