The Sunday News

As a disclaimer, we don’t read the local news often (ok, never), so our first immersion in local journalism might not constitute a representative sample.  Having lived here for ten months, I’m not sure what prompted Matt and I to finally delve into the free newspaper provided by our favorite breakfast joint, but we are sure glad we did.  This is the first article that caught my eye:

Given that I am biologically derived from the Sumner family, this was probably more hilarious to me than the average person.  Matt found it only mildly humorous.  The article was actually very well written, but the headline was the real gem.

We continued to the travel section where we read about Thika, a town near Nairobi.  We learned that “it is tempting to descend the steep rocky path to the…”  The object of this preposition is really inconsequential.  The important thing is that the Citizen News can use a modern layout to highlight key quotes from the article.

This next one continues to puzzle me.


After reading the entire article, I am still unclear as to the author’s intent.  She spends about 2/3 of her allotted space with a story about a wise Japanese martial arts teacher.  Meanwhile, I’m still stuck trying to figure out the practical life application of “[emptying] you cup.”  But we didn’t dwell on this one too long because we were more interested in getting love advice from Uncle Jaykesh.  Who doesn’t want love advice from a middle-aged man with a mustache who calls himself “uncle?”

What really seals the deal is the convincing hand motion Uncle Jaykesh is making in the photo.  I really get the sense that he knows what he’s talking about.

And now for my personal favorite:

Of all the things to get wrong on an advertisement, the title should not be it.  We laughed and laughed over what the intended meaning of “invitation fo birds” could be…and why such a business-like [and printed] invitation was necessary for an organism that does not read.  After reading some of the actual text, that we finally figured out that that the “r” had been fortuitously misplaced, turning “bid” into “bird.”  Good stuff.  I think we will be making the Sunday news a regular part of our weekend routine.