In the last month, we’ve been contacting friends, making sure no one has forgotten us yet, and reminding everyone that we are moving home soon.  It has been a helpful exercise in the transition we will soon undergo as we leave Tanzania, so don’t hate us when we say, “just kidding!”  Instead of moving home, we have made a last minute decision to take another post in Morocco.  Rabat to be exact.

Mary can sympathize with Rock ’em Sock ’em blue robot after days of agonizing over the decision.

The good news is that Rabat is a lot closer to home, as in, it takes less than 30 hours to make the trip.  It’s also supposed to be a very nice country.  No one has yet to describe it as “The Paris of ______,” which is a good sign, so we’re thinking that it’s a great place in and of itself.  Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech all are within driving distance, and so is Southern Spain, so come on folks, we really need more visitors this time.

Despite the disappointment of leaving our friends in Tanzania (and being away from American friends and family a bit longer), we are very excited about a new adventure.  Culturally, Morocco has a lot to offer.  It’s Africa meets Europe meets the Near East.  They speak French and Arabic and are 99% Muslim (there is only one protestant English-speaking church in the city).  There is a lot to learn and many unknown challenges to face, but we look forward to what is ahead.

So if you haven’t forgotten us yet, thank you.  Just hang on another 2 years and we’ll be back, we promise, for real this time.  But our time in Dar is not over yet, so more Tanzanian fun is ahead in the coming weeks.