Gold-rimmed, Snake-skin Toilet

Raise your hand if you have a gold-rimmed, snake-skin toilet in your home.  You can’t see me, but I am raising my hand right now.  Yes, it’s true, we have a gold-rimmed, snake-skin toilet and lots of other fun things too.

So finally, we have moved into our permanent  assigned lodging.  Our house is wonderful.  Beautiful, really.  It’s way too big for us, but that just means we have lots of room for visitors.  Please take that as an invitation.  It’s in a great neighborhood near food, shops and other Americans.  And, it has a gold-rimmed, snake-skin toilet.

What a throne!

In Dar we had green bathrooms of various shades. Here we have gray bathrooms in various shades.  We also have bidets.  The bidets really trip me up because they are usually installed directly across from the toilet.  It’s as if you could bring a friend in there and you guys could have a serious face-to-face discussion.

Going to the bathroom two by two, Noah’s ark style

Initially I thought the blue, faux marble toilet was the obvious winner.  It has a pearlescent sheen that adds intrigue when the light hits it at a certain angle.  And the gold really pops next to the deep azure of the marble pattern.

Check out this detailing

But that was before I got a close-up of the upstairs water closet.  It might have been a tie except for two facts.  One, the snake-skin toilet sits next to a matching snake-skin sink.  And two, to successfully flush the snake-skin toilet, your finger must completely cover the tiny hole on the flush button.  There something about your finger sealing off the air pressure that makes the water flow.  Otherwise, your flushing efforts are completely fruitless.  Now, I’ve encountered lots of toilets over the world, but this was new to me.  What can I say, we have a winner.

Expect nothing less than a flawlessly-executed contrast between white porcelain and the gray pattern.

Featured above: the bidet in its full glory.

One last word about these toilets.  They both remind me of china patterns, perhaps spotted years ago when doing our wedding registry.  How could that be?  How could china patterns and toilets even be in the same category?  I guess I’ll have to put this into my pile of unsolved African mysteries.

At this point, I must pause to consider a simpler time–six months ago in Dar es Salaam.  Here’s a picture of our master toilet in Dar.  I say “master toilet” because a toilet was the only thing in there.  Those black flecks on the floor are probably dead ant carcasses or irremovable pieces of dirt, not sure which.  It was a simple toilet.  No frills.  Function only.  Simply pull the string and your task is complete.  My, my, those were the days.

This picture does not do the toilet justice because when you lift up the rim, the bowl has a “stylish” curve to it, reminiscent of an alligator’s open mouth.

Well, enough about toilets.  The truth is, I landed on bed rest the same day we moved into our new home.  My instructions were to get up only to use the bathroom.  I try to mix it up and go to a different one each time, but since I can’t explore the house and the neighborhood, toilets seemed the most appropriate blog topic.  At least I’ve had plenty of time to think about them.  I may be running out of topics soon, so feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments section.  Closets, perhaps?