Touch Down

We left just as the super bowl was kicking off, but by touch down, I mean that we have landed in Morocco. All in all, it was not a bad trip. William cooperated. Carolyn cooperated as much as a one and a half year old can. It helped to have Mom’s extra hands when things got tough. Really though, I don’t think this trip would have been possible with only one adult. We had seven very large checked bags. We carried on two carseats, two bags filled to the brim with diapers, two babies and one stroller. Fun times.


From the plane: the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain and just below, Granada.


Matt and Mom noticing that her facebook ads changed from eHarmony to “Find your dream Muslim husband.”

Now we are adjusting to yet another time change (I am counting 9 time changes for us since July). Ouch. I think I will stay put for a while if I can. More later as we explore Rabat. Stay tuned.