And The Winner Is…

Well, the captions were hotly debated, but a winner finally emerged from the fray.  It must be said that some pop culture references were lost on the judges.  Thankfully, we had a pop-culture consultant, Tiffany, (a.k.a. our first non-family visitor) who assisted the judges during deliberations.  Among the common themes were Dr. Evil (from Austin Powers), monkeys, and bowls.  If I remember correctly, Mom was doing a Dr. Evil impression when this picture was taken, so those captions were at least accurate.  So onto the winner.

And the vases go to….drum roll please…


Sequestration cuts impact driver’s license photos in Gastonia.

Congratulations to Lisa!  Something tells me her husband Bob might have collaborated on this one.

First Runner Up:  “Mom found the corkscrew, d_______.”   The judges wanted this one to be first place, but I demoted it due to profanity.  Sorry Dad.  I know that wasn’t technically in the rules.

Second Runner Up:  “No Mom, it was not a ‘good deal’ to have traded away Carolyn and William, no matter how ‘cute’ you think a red fez is!” (by Danny M.)

Honorable Mention:  “Fez, Schmez.  Come on, guys, a bowl is a bowl is a bowl.” (by Maggie)

Personal Favorites:  “ah’m bettin’ ah could start a trend in mah carolinah tennis club” (by bgreeneb) and “unbeknownst to Vatican security and Cardinals, Jane sneaks into conclave to deliver witty endorsement of Pope Francis” (by “lisa”)

Most obscure reference considering the judges were born in the 80’s:  “Where’s the Bob and Bing to go with this?” (by Jack Wald)  See Road to Morocco below.  Yes, our pop-culture consultant knew this one immediately.  This was followed by a close second to “Jane welcomes Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels to Morocco” (also by “lisa”).

Most Inapplicable.  “Les Trois Terras” (by Susie).  Great caption.  Wrong photo.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and especially, thank you for making me laugh.  We’ll try this exercise again in the future.

And lastly, a correction:  In the previous post, I mentioned the vases were made by P. Souidi.  I visited the pottery store again yesterday and it turns out that P. Souidi is not a person.  At least the “P.” is not a person’s first initial.  It stands for poterie, or pottery in English.  So it wasn’t, in fact, a coincidence that all the potters in this region should have names that begin with P (P. Walidi, P. Omar, P. Khalid…)!  But I stand by my claim that Souidi is the best.