Our Stay-cation

So, Eid Al Adha gave us a whopping 5-day weekend.  With Columbus day, Matt worked 1 day this past week.  I’ve been kind jealous of all my “non-essential” friends back home who were furloughed during the government shutdown, so this was redeeming.  We toyed with the idea of leaving Rabat, but as serial procrastinators, we planned nothing and had a great time in Rabat instead.

First, we took an adventure out to “la cienture verte,” which translates to “the green belt.”  It’s basically just a big protected (and manmade) forest out in the burbs that has some trails running through it.  To get there, we drove forever down a dirt road and almost got stuck in the sand a couple of times.  Then, we got out to hike and flies kept landing on our face.  For a minute there, we felt like we were back in Tanzania.  It was both creepy and comforting that we saw no one the entire time.  I think we’ll go back.


2013-10-19 13.24.56

Then we went to the Virgin Megastore.  What????  This place really exists here?  Virgin opened months ago and I’ve been meaning to drop in.  Only in my wildest dreams would I be walking amidst miniature Nutella cookbooks, Haribo gummy molds and those little gel pens they sell at Michaels.  I have never felt so at home surrounded by large flat-screens, PS3’s and useless coffee table books.  What does that say about me?  I don’t know.  I don’t care.  It was awesome.  I left with an HB #2 pencil and a gum eraser that I was going to order off Amazon.

While we were there, we passed a giant indoor kids playground, inhabited by a sleepy kitten.

2013-10-14 12.36.17

A friend of mine says T.I.A. (This Is Africa).

And then I dragged everyone to the botanical garden.  It opened earlier this year, so I guess I was expecting something a few steps below Stowe Botanical in North Carolina.  Silly me.  Some of the fountains were empty.  Some had a thick layer of gunk floating on the surface.  And one had a dead flamingo.  We did enjoy our visit though.  They were obviously working on some areas of it and I imagine that in the summer, it’s better maintained.  Will try back next year.


This was by far the coolest part. A cactus with bark. Who knew?


In the cactus section: Carolyn, Matt and William’s foot.

Matt and I got to have a date night too.  This place was great.  For dessert I had a citrus and honey crepe with almonds.

2013-10-19 21.00.01

Must go back.

And lastly, I got to have dinner with a friend by the bank of the river.  We stayed up late and laughed about how much we loved Greece 2.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

2013-10-16 18.35.10

Tour Hassan and the Mausoleum from across the river in Sale.

Going nowhere is fun.

Stay tuned for several posts coming up this month:  Driving in Morocco, Loving People From Other Cultures, and our upcoming trip to Spain.