Haikus from 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  For your entertainment, we threw together some poorly written haikus to describe 2013.  Let’s just say we haven’t mastered the art.  No promises that we counted all the syllables correctly.  Nonetheless, here goes:

We lived in Maroc

We ate tajines and cous cous

And bought lots of rugs.


William learned to walk

And Carolyn learned to talk

Largely of french fries


Honk honk beep screech….phew

The jingle bells of Rabat

Honk honk, crash bang boom


Our house is cold. Like

Siberia.  Or my house

in Gastonia.


Muslims don’t eat ham.

In Spain, there are few Muslims.

Thus, we drove to Spain.


Mary don’t eat ham

In Spain, there is lots of cheese

Thus, we drove to Spain.


Morocco is great

In so many ways.  Except

When it rains all Spring.


Ramadan happens

Once a year, but it feels like

It lasts for-ev-er.


A Mini Cooper

Without its parking break, Rolled

And nearly squashed us.


Deck the house with lots

Of rugs.  Fa la la la la…

Matt.  Stop. buying. rugs.


Il est difficile

Pour écrire un haïku en

Français. J’aime les riz.


Next year, we move home,

The land of milk and honey

And normal drivers.

“Merry Christmas ya’ll!
I’ll just be here gnawing hard
On this marble slab.”