All Hail Shelley

“No, no Grandpa–I said downward dog!” -Shelley


Well, I am behind schedule on the photo caption contest, but many thanks to everyone who participated.  Special thanks for all the good laughs.  A few superlatives:

Best line from a mystery novel:

“She had held out hope that she would find the injured carpet maker still alive, but it was clear to her now as she knelt sadly beside him that she was too late, as the rugor mortis had already begun to set in.” -SRF

Best reference to a kid’s song:

“You put all arms and legs in, you put all arms and legs out, you put all arms and legs in and you shake ‘em all about. You do the hooky-poky…”  -Anonymous

Chef’s choice:

“Ancient drawbridge allows for small vessel passage.” -Maggie

Next week, check back for photos from my travels to Chefchaouen.  On time?  Perhaps.