It’s Not a Trip, It’s a Vacation

As the saying goes when you’re traveling with kids, “it’s not a vacation, it’s a trip.”  But this time, it was a vacation.  Matt gave me the best gift ever.  He kept the kids and I took off to Chefchaouen with a friend.  It was bliss.


Chefchaouen prettier than it might have been with the kids in tow.

As tends to be the case, the accommodations were interesting.  We stayed about 10 minutes outside of Chefchaouen in the valley because Matt rightly knew I would love it there.  The view was perfect.  The food excellent.  The hotel empty.  The room, freezing.  We had a 2 bedroom suite, a bathroom, and a much-needed fireplace.   It was the definition of charming, minus the icy-cold water that flowed from the tap.


Adorable, am I right?

We walked freely up and down the steep medina of Chefchaouen.  No strollers.  No diaper bags.  No whining, unless you count the man who scolded me for not knowing Arabic.  The only down side to traveling without kids, I learned, is that they keep you from spending your money on frivolous things.  You don’t get to stop and contemplate a pair of candlesticks when you’re with the kids.  You can enjoy the 0.5 second glance you have of the candlesticks outside the shop, but ultimately, you have to keep on moving.  So needless to say, I bought quite a bit.


Before descending into Chefchaouen

When we came back to our room, I opened the door to a wall of smoke.  Apparently, a giant log had fallen out of the fireplace and onto the floor.  Tiffy and I were less equipped for this sort of adventure, but we figured it out and before long, we were real pyros.


Tiffy tending fire.

I spent half the night worried that another log would fall out and that I would die of smoke inhalation.  But at least I didn’t have to worry that my kids would die of smoke inhalation.  I survived.


More Chefchaouen, loving the contrast between blue and orange.


Chefchaouen and my head.


Here is a painting I tried to buy, but my French just wasn’t good enough to convey that I wanted to buy it.


An extremely vertical house.

Stupid photo-bomber in the background would not leave until we put the camera up.

We headed back home and hugged our kids.  Awwww, I missed them afterall!