Treasures From Storage

Over four years ago, we packed our treasures into storage and moved to Africa.  This past week, we pulled those forgotten treasures out of storage to see what we’d left behind.

I present to you, our treasures.

Years ago, it must have seemed important that I keep this church bulletin.  There are no notes, not even a scribble in the margin.  And most puzzling of all, it wasn’t found in a folder or in a book.  It was right there on top, as if it was very purposefully packed in the most prominent spot.

The lack of sermon notes should not be a reflection on the quality of sermon heard that day.

Somehow, we ended up with all 3 of these devices.  I liken the white one on top to the old high school colleague who called out my name in Schlotzsky’s deli several years ago.  There was a vague recollection when I looked in his eyes, but I have virtually no memory of ever knowing this person.

At first I thought that we had 3 microwaves at our disposal, but thankfully, the top one is a toaster oven (phew).

If I could tell my 2010 self that it was OK to throw away the Williams-Sonoma bag, I would, but unfortunately, time travel hasn’t been invented yet.

I’ll throw it away now, Matt.

There must be something reeealy important in this lock box.  We may never know, of course.  Because it’s locked.  And there’s no sign of a key.

Various plastic and metal pieces of unknown origin.  A spool of CD-R’s.

The dreaded cone, a sad reminder of our dog who didn’t make it back with us.

And among other things I have no memory of, we found a large roll of painters plastic.  I googled it, because that’s what I do.  I google things.  And I came up with this really fun thing to do with it.

Later, I’m sure, my google phone will suggest I read an article on the safety hazards of these painter plastic blobs.

Oh, and who can forget the boot I wore for a month.

Because you never know when you might need a boot again.

This one is a gift from my mom.  I think she laughed when she gave it to me.  And though the movers do all the heavy lifting on the front end, there is still hope for this thing getting some use because I will making Matt move things around the house for weeks to come.

I can totally see me and my bestie carting a washing machine, as pictured.

Amidst the now-rickety Ikea furniture, the useless books, and yes, the trash, there were a few great finds.  I was thrilled to unearth my prized cycling shoes that I thought were lost forever.  We were equally happy to be reunited with a pair of stained glass windows, one of our first major purchases as newlyweds.  And I completely forgot about that cute lamp I bought.  These months of being nomads are starting to pay off now that we can finally start setting up our home.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  We will soon be sleeping in an actual domicile.