Plus One More!

If someone had told me that I’d leave the country with no kids and return with almost 3, I probably would have thought it was a joke.  Yet, here we are, just a hair past being unpacked and enjoying the early but difficult days of adding a newborn to the family.  And unlike last time, it was completely drama-free, unless you count all the self-generated angst of waiting for him to arrive.

Such as looking into my bottle of Tums every morning and wondering if I’d give birth before the last one was consumed.


Think the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast…


…but with Tums.

Or the torment I felt when my due date was moved back a week by my Moroccan doctor.

And the equal despair I felt when it was moved forward again by my American doctor.

And the complete agony of every hour past my date that I was not in active labor.

I can’t even.

But I digress.  We are overjoyed to have Thomas Sumner Stephenson join the family.  He arrived at 12:39am on Oct 28 weighing 6lb 8oz.  His arrival seemed like a miracle to me, as all births actually are, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all turned out.  I’m still marveling at how I managed to avoid a second cesarean.

Perhaps I remember the transition to 2 kids incorrectly, or perhaps it really was THAT bad.  …But the transition to 3 has been really nice.  The kids have a gentle affection for Thomas that I wasn’t expecting.


Unlike another baby I know, (cough***cough***William***cough) Thomas seems to be in the normal range in terms of sleeping, eating and crying.  Matt has been a complete super dad, pretty much doing everything so that I can concentrate on caring for the baby.  I’ve had one week alone with the kids and while it’s generally overwhelming, we’ve had a few days in the win column.


Titled “A rudimentary baby Thomas” or “My daughter needs counseling”

(It helps that as I’m writing this, I got a decent amount of sleep last night.  If we have a bad night tonight, I’ll take it all back).

Leetle baby. Leetle hat.

Though this is round 3, it seems strange and new knowing that we’re not about to pack up the layette and ship it back to Africa in a few weeks.  It’s weird.  And kinda sad.  Am I getting the itch?  No, I’m not getting the itch.

Maybe I’m getting the itch.