In Defense of No Furniture

It’s that season of transition when there is literally almost nothing to do in the house except make things out of cardboard.  There’s nothing to do because there is not a whole lot in the house:  a love seat, a kitchen table, temporary beds, a handful of overused toys…and cardboard boxes.

It’s been fun.  No really, it has.  We’ve had to come up with all kinds of creative ways to keep busy and I’m pretty sure it’s been a healthy exercise for us.  I’ve even considered going the minimal route once we get settled, but I’m not quite committed to that idea yet.

There are frustrations, yes, but there are also some great benefits.  Here are a few of the highlights.

  1.  “Can I bike in the house?”  “Yes, sweetie, you can.”  It’s true, I let William do this for a while.  Good idea?  Not sure.  He ran over the babe a couple of times and I made him stop.  He switched to the plasma car instead.  The kids pretend it’s a bus or metro.  I hop on, drink my coffee and they think I’m playing with them.   Fun times. giphy (3)
  2. “Can I play baseball in the house?”  “Yes, sweetie, you can.”  Believe it or not, it was actually Matt who allowed this activity.  All that’s missing from the gif below is the sound of my grunting when he hit me square in the face.  giphy
  3. “Will you build a giant fort out of cardboard boxes?”  “Yes, sweetie, I thought you’d never ask!”  Just kidding.  No one ever said that.  Truth is, I’ve been salivating over those boxes, just waiting for our first air shipment to appear so that I could turn them into the best cardboard box fort EVER (**mwahaha**evil laugh**plotting fingers**).  The problem with cardboard structures is that perhaps I get a little too invested in them.  And I basically want the kids to go away and be quiet so that I can make them the most awesome fort ever (or make myself the most awesome fort ever?  hard to tell).  “Leave me alone, I’m making a fort.”  Kids shrug.  Wonder what’s wrong with mommy.  It was worth it though.giphy (2)

Then we made a cardboard race track.


Yellow car wins!


I’ll sum up that experience this way:


His was not the yellow car.

4.  “Mom, can I vacuum?”  “Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.  Maybe.”  It’s the biggest the con ever that I got the older two fighting over the vacuum cleaner.  William actually does a pretty great job.   There are no sharp corners or rugs or furniture, it’s sooooo easy to clean this empty house. Even a 3 year old can do it!

5.  “Can I have a dance party?”  “Absolutely.”  


6.  “Mom, can I break something?”  “Sorry, not possible.  There is nothing to break.”

giphy (1)

We have been here 5 weeks without furniture and while I love the simplicity, I miss my things. As the days go by, I get increasingly agitated by not having the usual comforts my disposal: a soft, warm blanket; my stash of American toilet paper; the Costco-sized M&M bag that I frequent during especially long days.

Moral of the story?  Take all your furniture to good will.  Eat off cardboard boxes and make-do with scraps.  No, don’t do that.  That was a joke.