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“OMG, Your Life is So Glamorous”…And Other Comments From Folks Back Home

Recently, I read an article from Relevant Magazine called, “Instagram’s Envy Effect.” In it, the author discusses how everyone’s life looks better on social media. Why yes, I believe it most certainly does!… Continue reading

It’s Official. We are Home.

Well, almost without warning, the end of our tour in Dar es Salaam has come.  We arrived in DC Wednesday evening after almost 30 hours of traveling with a baby and a dog.… Continue reading

Man Versus Ant

If you were an ant living in Tanzania, where would you go to die?  If I had a choice, I would go to 36 Oysterbay, the avocado green bathroom near the kitchen.  Second… Continue reading

A Conversation with Christie and Don

It took nothing short of coercion to get our first and probably only visitors, Matt’s parents, to Tanzania.  We had a blast showing Christie and Don around town, getting them into crazy traffic… Continue reading

O Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas all!  The high points of 2011: 1.  Having a baby 2.  Finally recovering from culture shock after 1.5 years overseas 3. The time Matt brought 5 pounds of frozen ground turkey… Continue reading

Four Reasons to be Thankful in Tanzania

We barely even knew it was Thanksgiving this past Thursday.  Everyone had to work and go to school, so we opted to celebrate today, a Saturday.  And while family was far away, we… Continue reading

Swahili Lesson (Darasa wa Kiswahili) and Other Cultural Musings

Learning Swahili If you are reading this blog consistently, it would be a disservice if I neglected what has become a huge part of our lives – the Swahili language.  Both inadvertently and… Continue reading

Sounds of Dar

Realizing that my idea of fun might seem a bit odd, I have, for fun, been collecting a variety of sounds that I have encountered in the city.  Especially since returning from the… Continue reading

Coming “Home”

The Plane After over three months in North Carolina, I have returned to Dar, Carolyn in tow.  The journey back was surprisingly easy.  Although I did not get a wink, the slight hum… Continue reading

The Sunday News

As a disclaimer, we don’t read the local news often (ok, never), so our first immersion in local journalism might not constitute a representative sample.  Having lived here for ten months, I’m not… Continue reading