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The Not-So-Botanical Guide of Our [Moroccan] Yard

One of the great things about our living situation in Rabat is our walled-in yard.  It is perfect for the kids (well…besides the tree with poisonous flowers and the giant thorn bushes and… Continue reading

An Incredible Find

Every once in a while, you get lucky and stumble upon something really cool.  Most recently, it was an “art gallery.”  Before you start to yawn, art gallery is actually a bit of a… Continue reading

Photo Caption Contest: Man On Rug

The day has arrived, as promised, for the second photo caption contest.    This round, we are giving away a pair of Moroccan lanterns, compliments of my dad.  They are great for the… Continue reading

Janie and Big Go To Marrakech

While I sit here nursing Carolyn back to health after a severe case of grandparent withdrawal, the grandparents are living it up in Paris.  Another set of grandparents is probably cuddled under a… Continue reading

Haikus from 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  For your entertainment, we threw together some poorly written haikus to describe 2013.  Let’s just say we haven’t mastered the art.  No promises that we counted all… Continue reading

How to Love People from Other Cultures

Whenever I hear someone say they have fallen in love with [insert people-group here], I cringe.  I mean, they’ve gotta be exaggerating, right?  Do they know anyone from that culture?  Have they lived… Continue reading

Confession: I’m Afraid of Commitment

It all started about a year ago.  We moved to Rabat and I devoted myself to studying the ways of the Moroccan driver.  Valuable lessons had been learned in Tanzania and one of… Continue reading

Our Stay-cation

So, Eid Al Adha gave us a whopping 5-day weekend.  With Columbus day, Matt worked 1 day this past week.  I’ve been kind jealous of all my “non-essential” friends back home who were… Continue reading

Happy Sheep Slaughter!

Boy, oh boy.  The last 24 hours have been quite interesting.  Warning though, if you have a weak stomach, some of these pictures might make you queasy. Yesterday was Eid Al Adha, a… Continue reading

J’aime Forêt Hilton: My Love Affair With Rabat’s Best Park

When we found out we were moving to Morocco, the first thing I did was open google maps and scour the city for parks.  Sure, education, public health, sanitation, safety…all certainly important.  But… Continue reading