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Morocco: We’re Not There Anymore

Well, the great leap across the ocean has been accomplished.  William barfed all the way from Rabat to Paris (you’re welcome, everyone who contracted that virus), but was fully recovered on day 2… Continue reading

We Survived Pack Out 2014

Pack out n. the grueling 3-day event whereby 15 strange men (or 5, as I later found out) descend upon your home and turn everything upside down. n. the start of a slow,… Continue reading

The Not-So-Botanical Guide of Our [Moroccan] Yard

One of the great things about our living situation in Rabat is our walled-in yard.  It is perfect for the kids (well…besides the tree with poisonous flowers and the giant thorn bushes and… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About This Window Display

I get it.  The motorbikes, the noise, the heat…the snakes, the smells, the prices…the scam artists, the aggressive henna artists, and the dudes dressed in Moroccan garb who are not artists at all…… Continue reading

Alone in London

Ok, ok, I’ll stop there. This is what happens when you set a girl free in London for 3 days all by herself.  Is it possible to tone down the sap?  I can… Continue reading

The Color of Fes

The color of Marrakech is burnt sienna.  The color of Chefchaouen is blue.  The color of Fes is yellow ocre.  At least it was at twilight. This was my second trip to Fes… Continue reading

It’s Not a Trip, It’s a Vacation

As the saying goes when you’re traveling with kids, “it’s not a vacation, it’s a trip.”  But this time, it was a vacation.  Matt gave me the best gift ever.  He kept the… Continue reading

All Hail Shelley

“No, no Grandpa–I said downward dog!” -Shelley Well, I am behind schedule on the photo caption contest, but many thanks to everyone who participated.  Special thanks for all the good laughs.  A few… Continue reading

Photo Caption Contest: Man On Rug

The day has arrived, as promised, for the second photo caption contest.    This round, we are giving away a pair of Moroccan lanterns, compliments of my dad.  They are great for the… Continue reading

Janie and Big Go To Marrakech

While I sit here nursing Carolyn back to health after a severe case of grandparent withdrawal, the grandparents are living it up in Paris.  Another set of grandparents is probably cuddled under a… Continue reading