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We Lied To You

If anyone ever heard us say we were permanently settling stateside, oops, sorry, we lied to you. In roughly 1 week, we are moving to (drumroll)…….


News Flash: Butter

I bargained with myself that I wouldn’t blog unless I had something really important to say.  Thus far, I’ve been silent.  Until now, that is. Did you know that some people keep butter… Continue reading

This is Me, Convincing You to Make a Capsule Wardrobe

A number of months ago, a friend shared on social media about her recently completed “capsule wardrobe.” What got my attention was the picture of her closet.  There was basically nothing in it.  And… Continue reading

I’ve Fallen in Love…

…with my gym. You thought I was going to say baby, right?  Him too.  Love him.  I also love to leave him at at the gym’s “Kids’ Klub” for an hour.  He sleeps better… Continue reading

Plus One More!

If someone had told me that I’d leave the country with no kids and return with almost 3, I probably would have thought it was a joke.  Yet, here we are, just a hair… Continue reading

When Did Running Shoes Get So Loud?

I know I’ve only been gone for 4 years, but I’m pretty sure that when I left, running shoes looked a lot like this: In fact, the ones above are almost identical to… Continue reading

Treasures From Storage

Over four years ago, we packed our treasures into storage and moved to Africa.  This past week, we pulled those forgotten treasures out of storage to see what we’d left behind. I present… Continue reading

Morocco: We’re Not There Anymore

Well, the great leap across the ocean has been accomplished.  William barfed all the way from Rabat to Paris (you’re welcome, everyone who contracted that virus), but was fully recovered on day 2… Continue reading

My Drawer

As we look forward to life in Morocco, we are still looking back, just a little, on our time in North Carolina.  A lot happened in the final days, including the scramble to… Continue reading

It’s a Boy.

We sometimes think the US is boring, but only because it is our home and we know it so well. I suppose my time in the US hasn’t thrown me enough curveballs, so… Continue reading